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Synchronization of agents between servers over WAN using WANLink tool or SmartDataServices

WANLink Client and Server are tools available as part of SCADA Additional Components - You can download it from our website.
This is VERY QUICK guide on how to set it up, however it is advised to at least check the help Quick Guide in the WANLink Server application for better explanation:

  1. Start WANLink Server/Client on machines BEFORE starting Agent Servers.

  2. You need licenses to be plugged in – You can’t test WANLink in demo mode

  3. Open on both machines port 51114 has to be opened in firewall

  4. On Master system just start wanlink server and then agent server

  5. On second system, after starting Wanlink client, You must type in IPAddress of server, create group of tags and then synchronization list. This is a CSV file so later You can modify it in bulk using excel (for example, just import all scan elements). Sample configuration screenshots:
    And then just File->Reload Database and File->Start Comms.

  6. Only after configuring wanlink client and selecting “start comms” in client, start agent server on that machine.

WANLink Client and Server can be configured to run automatically or as service - check Help documentation for information about that.

For MAPS 4 / Adroit 10 and onwards, the use of Smart Data Services is recommended instead.

To use Smart Data Services:

  1. Open following ports on Firewall:
Broker Service (SDSBrokerExec)                    TCP:8733
Remote Monitoring Service (SDSRemoteMonExec)      TCP:8743
Adroit Service (SDSAdroitExec)                    TCP:8753
Historian Service (SDSHistorianExec)              TCP:8763
Remote Application Service (SDSRemoteAppExec)     TCP:8773
OPC UA Service (SDSOPCUAExec)                     TCP:8783
  1. In Config Editor->Advanced->Service and Server make sure to select option
UseSmartDataServices -> True
  1. In Windows services make sure SmartDataServices are running
  2. In Designer->Enterprise Manager, add remote Agent Server as another datasource using following addressing notation:
MachineName.AgentServerName (SERVERPC.Adroit1)

or, if names are not properly resolved by DNS:

IPv4address.AgentServerName (ex:

This methodology gains access to remote Agent Servers and their resources (mind that configuration using Agent Configurator is not yet supported) as additional datasource in Enterprise Manager. Now, on graphic forms it is possible to use any tag from any connected server using standard notation (i.e. “AdroitDataSourceName._SAMPLEANALOGUE.value”

For each remote Agent Server connected this way, one remote client connection is used (on the remote machines).

More about SDS: Smart data services

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