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Time Zone changing

Hello everyone,

I would like to change time zone (UTC) via Maps, so that dateTimePicker could show me time according to my region, can anyone kindly help me with it?
Any info would be highly appreciated!

To display different time zones, the TimeZoneInfo class can be used. An example graphic form:

To display the available time zones:

…and then to display the selected Date/Time in the corresponding timezone:


The graphic form script looks like this (C#):

The example graphic form can be downloaded here: Timezones.viz (18.8 KB)

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Thank you, Frits!
One more question: Our client uses spider engine, is there any chance to avoid using scripts?

And one more thing please: can You give us an advice how to fix synchronization problem. Clients PC has its own region parametre (UTC +5), but as soon as we fetch tags on the same PC, we see wrong time in timestamps.

Unfortunately the TimeZoneInfo class (used in the example above) is only exposed via the Scripting mechanism and cannot be used via the Spider Engine.

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The time based info from tags (for example agentTime or systeminfo.currentTime etc.) are always displayed in the local time where the Agent Server is running.

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Thank you for your reply, Frits!