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Unable to select COText objects

Hi all, I have static texts and texts with display value behaviors on a graphic form. No matter what I do I am not able to select texts with display value behaviors. They are not locked.

What could be wrong?


Hey, this looks like vector graphics:

  1. You can select the element using property tab on the right - if you drop down name of controls you should be able to select the one you are interested in
  2. If it’s vector group, you will need to right click and ungroup it
  3. If it’s a wizard you will need right click and break wizard or either modify parent wizard
  4. If it’s template, you will need modify parent template

Hi Damian,

Its simple vector text copied from another graphic form (not a vector group, wizard, tamplate).

I can see these CoTexts in property tab but I need to select them all and align properly with texts objects o the left (Runtime text against runtime display value COText etc).

Make sure that there are no other vectors overlapping the text objects so that they are selected instead. The Z order of the vectors can also be manipulated by right clicking on the object and selecting “Send To Back” or “Bring To Front”.

Also - if there are other windows components (even if transparent) in front of the vector, this will be selected instead - Vectors are always positioned behind Windows Controls in the Z order

Finally, if none of these suggestions solve the issue, you can attach a copy of the graphic form to this discussion (click on Reply and then select Upload), for further investigation

Hi Frits, none of the solution worked.

Attaching copy of that GF.

Home.viz (3.3 MB)

On the extreme right you will see total 6 COTexts. Not able to select them.

You can use the zoom buttons which will hide all windows controls and enlarge the vector viewing area. This should allow you to select vectors that may otherwise be difficult to select:

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Hi Shrinivas,

The TemplateGO templateGO01 in that area of the graphic form is blocking those COText from being selected.

I am not sure why this templateGO01 is not showing on the graphic form, but selecting it from the Property Panel and hitting the Delete key to delete it should solve the COText selection issue in that area.

I have attached fixed version of the graphic form below using steps above:

Home.viz (3.3 MB)

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Hi Diego,

How did you find that? :astonished:

Thats a relief knowing the reason. However I cant see templateGO1 in my property panel. Is there alternate way to select it (find or goto or etc.) ? I have made changes to my Home.viz so unfortunately cant use your Home.viz version. Attached is the new Home.viz version and picture of property panel.

Home.viz (3.6 MB)

Hi Shrinivas,

You were trying to find and select it from the Contents Panel tree view and not from the Properties Panel dropdown.
This TemplateGO templateGO01 will not show up in the Contents Panel tree view, but it will be listed in the Properties Panel drop down as shown below:

Once you have selected it from the Properties Panel dropdown you can hit the Delete key and it should be deleted and thus solve the issue.

I have attached your current graphic form with it removed:

Home.viz (3.6 MB)