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Viewing of remote event logs by the Classic Event viewer

Viewing of remote event logs by the Classic Event viewer

Some clients have been having issues with respect to being unable to view the server event logs from remote clients after upgrading to Adroit 10.

After much investigation the article at:


pointed us in the right direction.

In summary, it is a Windows issue and the above article recommends either reversing some KB installs that introduced the problem OR otherwise installing newer KB’s to resolve the problem.

We were able to reproduce the problem using a newly created Windows Server 2012 R2. Once we had applied multiple passes of Windows updates (3 passes were required), the issue was resolved.

We would suggest that all customers do the same and apply all outstanding Windows updates to their server PC’s containing Adroit agent servers to resolve the problem. The above article also suggests that client PC’s should be updated. We did not have to do that presumably because we were up to date already. But please keep this in mind if server only updates do not work.

The above issue also affects our SmartUI SDS which make use of the same API calls to interrogate remote events logs