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Windows Application Control blocking applications ("blocked for your protection")

We are aware of a problem occurring after recent Windows 10 updates where core application such as the Agent Server are actively prevented from running.

This may occur in the following versions:

  1. Adroit 8.x
  2. MAPS 3.x
  3. Adroit 10.0.4.x
  4. MAPS 4.0.4.x

The issue manifests with errors like this:


This is due to stricter enforcement around Digital Signature validation and applies to “older” versions of MAPS and Adroit. This does not apply to the latest version of Adroit ( or MAPS (, which are compatible with the new Microsoft security requirements already.

To address this new requirement from Microsoft, a new build of the older versions (MAPS 3 and Adroit 8) has been made available.

We have now created a re-release of Adroit and MAPS

Adroit 8 and MAPS 3 customers that suffer from this problem can download the updated version below

Adroit 8: